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The feature packed communicating 433MHz Alarm System covers even the most challenging of security needs. The system includes a 6 Zone Control Panel with built in Auto-Dialler, 2 x Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs), 2 x Magnetic Detectors and a Remote Control for ease of operation.

When activated the Auto-Dialler will automatically call your pre-programmed telephone contacts, in turn, until answered, to alert the recipient of alarm activation.
(Landline Telephone Required)

• Simple and easy to use
• Full Tamper Protection
• 6 Zone LED display Control Panel with built in Auto-dialler and internal sounder
• Auto-Dialler automatic activation when the Control Panel is triggered
• Up to 4 telephone emergency contacts
• Programmable entry and exit delays
• Part-Arm/Full-Arm and Disarm
• Conforms to British & EU Standards

Properties where a multi-function/zone setup is required with the additional benefit of external monitoring (communicating alarm).

1 x SA3 E PLUS Control Unit
1 x Solar Siren
2 x PIR Detectors
2 x Magnetic Detectors
1 x Remote Control
1 x SA3 E Power Supply Unit
2 x Lead acid back up batteries for Control Panel (24hour battery back up)