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This Alarm system is completely Wire-Free, including the outside siren and strobe which incorporates Continuous Flashing Comfort Lights" that act as an excellent visual deterrent .

The high powered Siren and Strobe attract immediate attention to alarm activation.

This wireless alarm system benefits in being very simple to use.
Operated by the handy keyfob Remote Control this System is easy to arm and disarm without the need to remember a User Code. Operating range up to 100 metres ( 330ft )

• Completely Wire-Free Alarm
• No Mains Power or Wiring required
• Fully tamper protected
• Remote Controlled Wireless Alarms via a hand held Remote Control
• Built in panic button on Remote Control
• The Siren & Strobe has continuous “Comfort Lights” for 24 Hours Visual Protection
• Fully expandable and Upgradable with a full range of Wire-Free accessories, available seperately
• No limit to the number of additional detectors
• Conforms to British Standards

• Domestic and Commercial Buildings

1 x Solar Siren with Rechargeable Battery
2 x Wirefree PIR Detectors
1 x Remote Control - with integral panic button